SEO Off-page Techniques for SERP

Nowadays everyone wants to come on google first page but everyone has question how to rank on google and which SEO techniques use? If you have start-up of business or don’t have any idea about how to come on search engine result page then you should go with Digital Marketing Company.

Search Engine Optimization is the process that affecting a website visibility on search engine. There are many more search engines that are very well known as Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO techniques help you to increase your brand awareness and presence on a search engine.

In Digital World there are many seo-offpage techniques are exist. But SEO Company in Mumbai chooses the best SEO technique which works. SEO experts use those techniques which are safe and loved by Google. Let see the difference between SEO onpage and SEO Offpage.

SEO Onpage:
SEO Onpage - optimization of a website for SERP. SEO On-page factors there have to optimize technical set-up like a quality of your code, content, and website should be user-friendly.

SEO Offpage:
SEO Offpage technique deals with link building factor. off-page SEO which refers to links and other external signals. In this technique, you will gain high-quality links for your website so the website can rank high on SERP.

The Position determines on SERP from where the links coming and they greatly affect the ranking position. There have more SEO off-page techniques but here we will go with a few SEO off-page techniques.

Here we have listed some best off-page techniques:
1.Question and Answer Link Building

Q/A link building is the most popular link building strategy of SEO offpage. People can search for an answer on search engine here we have a chance to build backlink.

Quora is Q/A discussing website. Here people can ask any question and they get the answer, here you have a chance to give the answer and build the backlinks of your website.

Create an account on Quora and find the related question to your niche, if you know the answer then give the answer of a question at middle or end of the answer and insert your website link with anchor text. Here you can boost your website rank and also increase the visitors to your website for information.

Q/A Sites:
Yahoo! Answers

2. Social Bookmarking:

Social Bookmarking is mostly people used for bookmark important webpages. The webpages we bookmarked at social bookmarking sites, it is quality backlink which helps us to increase blog traffic and website traffic. Social bookmarking websites allow for dofollow links it means they allow to google follow them. Social bookmarking is the easy way to get backlinks and increase rank.

Social Bookmarking Sites:

3. Blog Commenting:

Blog commenting is part of SEO. Blog commenting define the relationship between blogs, bloggers, and blog readers. In Blog commenting process where blog readers leave a comment on a blog post, reply to readers' comments, or the author himself answers or replies to visitors questions.

In blog commenting you can build powerful backlink for your website. Find the blogs where you can put your website link in blog commenting and get backlinks.

Blog commenting is a great way to establish your business in a particular industry, with the help of blog commenting to drive traffic to your website, and improve link building efforts for SEO.

4. Profile Link:

Good Profile links improve website ranking and get quality backlinks for your website. Profile link also increases your website/business branding. Getting profile links from high domain authority websites will act as a good consideration for Google to judge your website and rank on top search results. Create the most popular social media websites with high DA and go to the settings and look for the website and add their website URL. Social Media Marketing Company creates high-quality social profile links and also build brand awareness on social media.

5. Directory Listing

Directory Listing is the best tool to get powerful backlinks to your website. Before start directory listing checks the directory listing websites should be high PR and allow to dofollow for links. Directory listing sites user can find easily and a user can submit website information. While submitting business information in directories, choose the proper category with a good title and description as per your business niche otherwise directory owners will delete the websites.

How to do Keyword Research for SEO?

Keyword research is an important factor that comes under SEO on-page. Keywords define what your content about. When user searches keyword or phrases on a search engine, it’s called search queries. Basically, keyword phrases searched by the users on search engine, google shows the result as per what user research on a query.

Let us see how to find perfect keywords for website

First you should know about your business like, what type of services your providing and what is your business niche. Find the keywords as per user point of view or you can ask colleagues which keywords they will use to find your website/business on SERP.

How to Research keywords for SEO Strategy.

Create a list of business Services, product and blog topic which is important for business.

Select the important Business services, products for your website and if you are a blogger then make a list of important blogs. Now you come with keyword bucket list which are important for your business.
Let’s assume you are a clothes buyer then just think what type of keyword you will put on a search engine. For eg. webtraffic agency provides services in digital marketing then keyword bucket is “social media marketing”, “search engine optimization”, “content marketing”, etc. Just like this you have to do for your business and services here you will get some generic keywords. Now you have the list of selected Keywords for your business services, product, and blog.

Fill in topics with a bucket

Now, you have a list of the topic which you want to focus on it. Fill the buckets with important keywords because these keywords will help you to rank on SERP.
Okay, now take one keyword from the last example “search engine optimization” here we have a chance to come with many related keywords or topics. For “Search engine optimization” people can search many related keywords like:
1. Blog on Search Engine Optimization
2. What is Search engine Optimization
3. Benefits of SEO
4. how to do search engine optimization
5. Search engine Optimization Company
6. Best search engine Optimization Company
If you are a blogger then first, second, third and fourth keywords is helpful for you and if you are a company then fifth and sixth keyword/phrases are helpful for you. These keywords are not final, here we will do final and particular keywords for website. You have to think the possibility user searches for service related to the particular keyword.

Ideas for keywords Research

1. Google Analytics:

If you are using google analytics then you can analyze which keyword get more traffic to your website. If you having trouble with google analytics keyword then you can also ask your colleges/employee about which keywords they can use to find a website on google.

2. Google LSI keywords

Are you still confused? Then you should go with LSI Keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing keywords). LSI keywords are nothing but when you search important keyword on google then google shows many related keywords at the bottom of page. Google shows that which keywords users are mostly using.
Example: Here I am searching on google “Digital marketing company in Mumbai” here you can see google shows more related keywords at the bottom of the page, these keywords are called LSI keywords. LSI keywords help you to increase ranking on SERP and you will get more ideas related to the keyword.

LSI Keyword

3. Head(short) keywords and Long Tail keywords:

Head term is shorter and generic keywords and has one to three words. Long tail keywords are basically with three or more words. Long tail keywords help to increase rank on SERP because the long tail keyword has less competition as compared to head keywords. Here is a good chance for you to mix head term and long tail keyword so that will give your keyword strategy a balance of long and short-term goals.

4. Competitor keywords:

You should know who is your competitor and what keywords they are targeting. You can find competitors keyword on semrush tool, you will get more ideas on keyword and you have to analyze (Search volume or traffic from keyword) on the competitor keywords. This will help you which keywords you can target and what is the volume of user searches on specific keywords.

5. Google Adword Keyword planner

Now you have a bunch of keywords, remove the keywords which are not suitable for your website. You have some specific keywords, here you have to put this keyword on Google Adwords keyword planner. Google Adwords keyword planner is the best tool to find the best keyword for your website. It also helps you to find keywords as per location, language and how much monthly user searches(traffic volume) for a particular keyword and gives relevant keyword ideas.Select the relevant keyword from keyword planner here, we will suggest you target low competition keywords because it will help you to increase high ROI.

How to use a LinkedIn group for Business? With tips!

If you have a reach of an audience of 340 million people, would you miss the chance to market them? Obviously, you wouldn’t. This is where LinkedIn’s role starts.

LinkedIn is one of the most popular networking sites for professional; it is used for exchanging ideas, work openings, thoughts, etc.

It has progressively turned into a leading tool for helping people to grow their network as well to find jobs in their field.

To expand LinkedIn effectiveness, one useful procedure for enterprises is to use LinkedIn Groups, which associate with brands, with their audience and can generate leads for your brand as well.

A LinkedIn group is same as a Facebook group, we sent the request to get add in a group, it allows you to join up to 50 groups at the time. You can also refer Facebook Vs LinkedIn for B2B Marketing.

Before you start using group, ensure your business profile page is updated and it should look professional, for the good first impression while interacting with other business or professionals. the top Social Media Marketing Company in Mumbai provides the excellent services to achieve the social presence for business.

If you are willing to start a LinkedIn group or want to join the current group, these tips can help you.

So, how to get it started?

Opt for Active Group

Look for that group who is interested in your products, at least 10 group that are related to your products and services, that is additionally active, join them.

For instance,

Your company supplies dog food. So you should start searching keywords like Dog Lover, Dog Food, Animal Lovers, etc.

You may also try locally based group if your organization depend on customers in your area. For instance, ‘’Animal Lovers in Mumbai’’ would be a great place to start with. (pic)

Now you’ve joined some suitable group, you have to end up an esteemed participating member. Just joining these group isn’t enough. Share your opinions, thoughts, comment on group’s post etc. Stay active. Go for posting at least once a week.

Once people know about you, utilize your impact further to your advantage. Always inform your group about your products, about a sale going on. (Also remember to give a link to your new post or product page)

But make sure to not do this often, or to be excessively spammed, it may just irritate people and you may lose potential clients and you may end up destroying your own hard work.

Some Tips!

• Be entertaining. Create something that is funny, catchy, and attractive to the audience. So that you people will get more interest and will want to visit your site.

• Make sure the tagline or content you write should be of good grammar. Proper use of grammar will make your post professional and genuine. No one will like to read a post which is of bad grammar.

Create your own group.

Any LinkedIn user can create a group. However, it is essential to establish a strong framework to ensure the group’s success.

Making your own particular group is valuable; because you can easily look after the success, you should create a group who is properly aimed at a niche of your brand, and also can connect with the members who all are interested in your products and service.

Know your Audience!
For a brand, understanding their audience can be critical, like what they want, what they value for. Customers have many needs when it comes to where they want to network and gain valuable resources. We must provide access to the information, and gaining audience’s trust.

Here are some tips for creating a group in a right way!

• Use around 50 characters for the title of your group and try to keep creative.

• Use keywords in your title to identify its category so the audience can be found in organic search. If you want to gain lots of attention from Search Engine simply go to

• While writing the description for your group, ensure first 140 characters are elegantly written and detailed properly about the group. These words will appear in search engines.

To be true, with joining the group, the thing applies here too. I.e. just creating a group is not enough.

You must be Active in this group!

If you have created or joined group, your active participation will significantly create brand awareness and extend your targeted audience. While interacting with your group members, you additionally make business partners as well friends which will work as a referral for your organization.

Basically, these members will progress towards becoming promoters of your brand with minimum efforts on your end.

If you are not able to manage the group, you should have somebody responsible for engagement and monitoring. This individual will be presenting your brand.

Tip: Don’t just join the group which is useful for your brand. Join some groups that you personally like. There may be chances that you can get the lead over there too!

The art of selling on YouTube for E-commerce

YouTube has been the third top and most visited website. Hence, there is no doubt that marketing can be done widely and can reach a large number of people.

Everyday people watch around 5 billion videos and they spend most of the time on YouTube after Facebook and Instagram.
This proves how much potential YouTube has to market a brand or business.

Additionally, videos can be perceived and understood much better than text or image. Research proves that when people can see and hear at the same time, they understand the content better and can remember it for a longer time.

Therefore, content in a video format can be of great advantage and YouTube is the perfect platform for videos.
Strategizing for creating useful videos should be the first step.

You can strategize your brand and come out with better result with one of the best Social Media Marketing Company in Mumbai.

Today, let us learn how to sell on YouTube for e-commerce brands.

1. Be Consistent with Your Brand

Your website is the first identity of your brand and your other social media channels, including YouTube, is an expansion of it. Hence make sure that your identity is consistent and that your brand is easily recognizable.

Using the same color palette and other basic brand elements can make your channel look like your website and helps customers remember you.

It actually takes about 6 to 7 impressions of a brand for people to remember and recognize you.

There are many customization options and tools that YouTube provides which can help you make your channel look like an expansion of your website.

Various options for adding images, text, and colors can help you add your brand flavors.

2. Rhythm of Content

Posting on regular basis is the key to make people remember you. If you are not very consistent and post once in a blue moon, people might forget about you.

Initially, identify the objective for your brand. How to drive traffic to your online store? Once you are sure about this, you can the go on to create content and post often.

Once you have your strategy for content ready, it gets easy to execute it and post on regular basis.

Keep your content bank ready, do right keyword research and the next step would be to determine the best time to upload your content.

YouTube analytics can also help you with analyzing your previous content and showing when is web traffic at maximum.
Usually, weekends and late evenings are the best time to post.

3. Building an audience

Connecting with your people and understanding what they expect or need from you should be your ultimate goal.

The more followers or subscribers you have more reliability and brand awareness.

Your content will get likes, shares, and subscribers only if people watch your content and actually like it.

Therefore, your primary goal should be to understand your audience and tailor the content accordingly.

If you want people to visit your e-commerce website and buy things, your videos should convey the right information that can make them do that.

Make sure that your audience is hooked on your brand through your videos and content.

4. Create How-to Videos

Producing how-to videos can get great importance and can generate views easily.

This kind of videos add value to your brand and also makes it easy for people to understand your products and how to use them effectively.

Research even shows that people prefer watching how-to videos more.


The market of YouTube is growing consistently and an e-commerce brand shouldn’t miss the chance of using this platform for generating sales and revenue. It can be a great opportunity and one must not miss it.

The video is the future of content creation and as mentioned before people prefer watching informative videos and can perceive it better than text and images.

So, for the better content for your website refer to the best Content Marketing Company in Mumbai followed by the leading Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai.

Challenges in email marketing and how to over come the challenges.

Email marketing is an important element of a marketing strategy for any business, whether you own a car showroom or you sell any product via online.
This marketing strategy will help you to communicate with your audience.
In simple terms, Email Marketing is a installed software that helps you to send a bulk message as well helps you to create a design to interact with your customers more.
Email Marketing is very easy to use, cost-effective help you to boost your brand image.
So how will you come to know to avoid your Email Marketing mistakes?
Well, there are some elements we should keep in mind, is these things are happening with you then it’s time to make some changes.

These are Email Marketing mistakes to avoid:

• Low click Rate
• Low Open Rate
• High Unsubscribe Rate
• High SPAM complaints
• Low post click
• Low delivery Rate
• Low active ratio

If you are experiencing these elements, you should get rid of them and we are here to tell you how!

1) Low click Rate: If you are facing Low Click Rate, then you should think about your content again!
Your content should be simple and attractive to get a good click rate.
2) Low open Rate: Test your headlines to check whether you can discover something new for more audience.
3) High Unsubscribe Rate: Check your sign up list. How your audience is getting on your list?
Do they know what they will be getting, if they subscribe you? When? How frequently?
If you have these questions answer and you are working on it, then Unsubscribe rate will go down.
4) High SPAM complaint: Sending a bulk of email to the audience is not important, but how relevant is that email is important.
So think about sending a relevant mail to small segments.
5) Low Post click: If you are facing a low post click on an email, because the content of your email may be non-understandable or misleading to the audience.
Check your content twice for a better post-click.
There may be another reason for Low post-click is that content between email and website page may not be aligned.
6) Low Delivery Rate: You will need to take a look at your subscription process and you will need to use tool for list validation
7) Low Active Rate: You have come up with different headlines, done experiment with mixed up content but then too you are facing Low Active rate?
Increase rate of your email marketing by a re-engagement campaign to make people love your email again
By sending re-engagement emails to your subscribers, will not only increase interest in your brand- you may even create some quick deals!
‘’Win-Back’’ emails, offers mail have received a more response than other mail.

Tips for Better Email Marketing:

1) Customer’s like to be informed. They like to know about coupons or offers.
Even, coupons or offers help you to grow your online sales.
For Instance, Flipkart ‘’Big Billion days’’ they have sent a bulk email as well done promotion on social media too.

2) Email Marketing Company offers you the best return on investment. Email marketing is inexpensive.
Visit us for the Best Email Marketing Company in Mumbai.
If you spend a huge amount of money on the campaign then to marketers don’t have to worry. As email marketing is affordable and helps you to keep get more audience.

3) Email marketing helps you to get customers 40 times better than social media it offers you 15% high conversation.

Visit us for Best Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai.
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