Affiliate vs Influencer Marketing? Which is the right for our business?

Many people, as well as marketers, get confused between Affiliate and Influencer marketing, although both are the unique techniques in the Digital Marketing field and it should be handled by the Leading Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai

For the ones encountering these two words for the first time, it might surely confuse you. Well, there is a huge difference between these two terms and they completely have different purposes. It is also very difficult for businesses and marketers to decide which one is the right for any business.

Today let us pluck out the difference between affiliate and influencer marketing.

Before getting into the differences let us see what these two terms actually mean.

Affiliate marketing is a positioning where the advertiser pays some amount of commission to the person or publisher who refers other to visit their website or buy a product or service.

Whereas, Influence marketing where businesses do not target the end users but they target the influencer who has a huge fan or the following base. They conduct marketing activities around the influencer.

Both have their own advantages and you need to figure out your objectives and select any one or even both would work.

Let us now look at the difference between the two.

• The purpose of affiliates is to aid and convert the customers that are just about to buy any product or service. Whereas, influencers concentrate more to build awareness about the company and commence a customer journey.

• The payment for affiliates is on commission whereas the payment for influencers is based on a project that is fixed.

• Affiliates can earn passive income even after the content is old, whereas influencers get paid once when the content is posted.

• It is very easy to track the ROI of affiliate campaigns because they have affiliate links but it is very difficult to track ROI of influencers.

• Many affiliates are bloggers and they have spread across Instagram mostly in the beauty category. The influencers are present all over social media platforms and especially on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

• For affiliates, the brand usually has very less supremacy over informing, so you have more opportunity and for the most part, fewer selectiveness statements to take into account whereas for influencers there is an open door for a brand to nearly control informing and may smother innovative freedoms or require post surveys before you share.

Since you now know the difference between the two, which should businesses opt for?

1. Know your target audience

Before starting any digital marketing strategy it is very important to know and analyze your target audience and choose the Proper Digital Marketing Agency to handle the Digital Marketing like Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai. The affiliates can help with conveying your things to crowds who fit your optimal client in a way by providing them direct links to your products. But in case your objective is to create brand awareness massively then influence marketing is the best option. More youthful groups of onlookers have a tendency to shun the affiliates and lean toward purchasing on the suggestion of an influencer.

2. Consider your marketing budget

The affiliates are much cheaper than influencers are. Whenever a customer makes any purchase through affiliate links, you get very less money because half of it goes to commission and the other goes in setting up things. You will earn but not much on each product. Whereas influencers really charge high because they are usually very committed. Especially if they have a lot of followers they will charge a higher amount.

3. Combine both and check

Sometimes using both works. Do some research and analyze which campaign would work for affiliate and which will work for influence marketing. Your goal should be to combine the two and create a successful marketing strategy. Make sure that you insert the right influencers and affiliates in place and convert. provide 360-degree digital marketing solutions in Mumbai. We also provide the best affiliate marketing services in Mumbai. Visit us at

Facebook Live Marketing tactics that boost the Brand Awareness

Earlier social media was only about images and videos. Slowly all the platforms have started adopting new ways of posting. The leading social media platform-Facebook allows uploading various kinds of posts than any other platform. Images, videos, slideshows, carousels, canvas, live images, etc. can be posted on Facebook. With Social Media Marketing, growing immensely, business has now started taking advantage of the kinds of posts Facebook offers to build brand awareness. comes with the new post about the Facebook Live - Social Media Marketing Agency in Mumbai

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Videos have always shown most engagement because people prefer to absorb information not only by text but also by visual elements. People remember video posts longer than any other kind of post. Therefore, the field of video marketing is also growing.

Facebook recently added a new feature called live videos where you can stream live videos. This feature can have a lot of benefits and can help you boost brand awareness.

Today let us look at Facebook live tactics that will help in boosting brand awareness.

• “How to do” videos
Content that provides value to your audience always works. Teaching your followers on how to do something and providing a guide to do it will always work. A study has found that live videos featuring “how to do” videos get more engagement than any other post.

• Launching a new product
A majority of the people on Facebook will see your new product launch video. This not only builds awareness about the product but also affects the brand image in a positive way. Your live video of product launch will receive many views, likes, shares, and comments. This will eventually help promote the product too.

• Showing something extraordinary
It is not necessary that you create live videos featuring your products or services. You can also show something exclusive or give a tour to a location that your followers would love to watch. This adds to building your brands image and awareness.

• Interaction session
Since Facebook live videos have a great feature of getting live likes and comments, one can easily interact with the audience. Let your audience know what time you will be streaming live and have a live show. Make this a question and answer session and answer the questions your audience has. Questions related to your products and services can be answered. This builds a connection between your brand and the audience and can boost engagement.

• Break a news live
Just like how traditional media breaks a news on TV, the same way you can also feature breaking news about your brand on Facebook live. You will receive excessive brand awareness without any hassle and cost.

• Behind the scenes videos
Creating a sense of transparency between your followers and your brand will only add up to building more awareness. You can live stream the making of a product, or an event or a video. Your audience has already seen your final product, but the making of the product will fascinate them. In the same way, your audience has seen the edited videos but streaming small live video of the making of the video is what will build excitement in them.

• Stream events
If you are conducting any event related to your brand, you can share a live snippet of it. Your live video will be viewed by many and this also helps your audience to feel closer to your brand.

The key to boosting brand awareness is by providing value to your customers and posting content that will make them feel closer to you.
Facebook live videos exactly does this, only if taken right advantage of it. Social media is all about creating the right content for your audience. is the best social media marketing company in Mumbai that leverages every social media platform in a perfect way for your audience.

Why WordPress is the leading Content Management System - Blog Post by

Content Management System (CMS) is used to manage and create content digitally. It is a software used for indexing, managing formats, publishing and search and retrieval. There are many content management systems like Joomla, SharePoint, Documentum, DNN, Oracle WebCenter, Backdrop CMS, etc. - Leading Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai

Content management systems are very necessary for managing your website. It has various benefits like increased efficiency, maintains the control on your content, helps in rankings, improves online branding, etc.

The most popular and widely used Content Management System is WordPress. WordPress has recently become very famous in terms of CMS. In the early days, Joomla was very famous for CMS and WordPress was mostly associated with blogs. However, later on, they developed the entire framework in a web-based application that enabled customers to make a complete CMS platform.

WordPress is a free content management system and is very easy to use. Alone with its user-friendly interface, it has many other features which make it the best content management system. It is said that no other CMS platform is as better as WordPress because of the features it offers.

Let us look at points stating why WordPress is the best content management system.

1. Easy to use interface
The best part about WordPress is its user-friendly interface. A person without any technical knowledge can also manage the website because of the dashboard that is easy to understand and is clean. People that have little knowledge about websites and hosting will take very less time to set things up. You can start using it as soon as it has set up. Majority of the people prefer WordPress because of this reason and also because you do not need to hire anybody for managing the website.

2. Plugins that are useful and amazing
WordPress has many plugins available that are free of cost. It has more than 48,000 plugins available. There are plugins available for everything that you need. Other CMS platforms also provide a lot of plugins but they are mostly paid. WordPress offers them for free.

3. It is universal and most used
The dashboard and interface of WordPress are the same everywhere that makes it a global platform. WordPress was launched in 2003 and ever since its launch it has only been getting popular and has covered 27% of the market. It helps in making amazing websites, provides tools and plugins that make it the most popular and widely used CMS platform.

4. Easily accessible
WordPress helps in making your website more responsive and accessible to various devices and browsers. It utilizes a license server software that is free of cost and also renders the web pages using HTML and CSS. These factors make your website easily accessible.

5. Helps managing time
There are various plugins that not only improve the efficiency of your website but also helps manage your time. For e.g. the WP Project Manager helps you with a whole undertaking like relegate clients, work together with colleagues, get a diagram of the task, track developments and so forth.

6. Awesome themes
WordPress provides with a wide option of themes. Depending on your business niche, you can choose themes that best suits. It has impressive themes that can also boost your creativity. Additionally, they have paid themes that are extraordinary. Just with a click, you can change the theme and layouts of your website.

7. Google loves WordPress
WordPress is said to be SEO friendly and it also makes websites mobile friendly. As you all know Google loves websites that are optimized and with responsive designs. provides the best Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai

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