The art of selling on YouTube for E-commerce

YouTube has been the third top and most visited website. Hence, there is no doubt that marketing can be done widely and can reach a large number of people.

Everyday people watch around 5 billion videos and they spend most of the time on YouTube after Facebook and Instagram.
This proves how much potential YouTube has to market a brand or business.

Additionally, videos can be perceived and understood much better than text or image. Research proves that when people can see and hear at the same time, they understand the content better and can remember it for a longer time.

Therefore, content in a video format can be of great advantage and YouTube is the perfect platform for videos.
Strategizing for creating useful videos should be the first step.

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Today, let us learn how to sell on YouTube for e-commerce brands.

1. Be Consistent with Your Brand

Your website is the first identity of your brand and your other social media channels, including YouTube, is an expansion of it. Hence make sure that your identity is consistent and that your brand is easily recognizable.

Using the same color palette and other basic brand elements can make your channel look like your website and helps customers remember you.

It actually takes about 6 to 7 impressions of a brand for people to remember and recognize you.

There are many customization options and tools that YouTube provides which can help you make your channel look like an expansion of your website.

Various options for adding images, text, and colors can help you add your brand flavors.

2. Rhythm of Content

Posting on regular basis is the key to make people remember you. If you are not very consistent and post once in a blue moon, people might forget about you.

Initially, identify the objective for your brand. How to drive traffic to your online store? Once you are sure about this, you can the go on to create content and post often.

Once you have your strategy for content ready, it gets easy to execute it and post on regular basis.

Keep your content bank ready, do right keyword research and the next step would be to determine the best time to upload your content.

YouTube analytics can also help you with analyzing your previous content and showing when is web traffic at maximum.
Usually, weekends and late evenings are the best time to post.

3. Building an audience

Connecting with your people and understanding what they expect or need from you should be your ultimate goal.

The more followers or subscribers you have more reliability and brand awareness.

Your content will get likes, shares, and subscribers only if people watch your content and actually like it.

Therefore, your primary goal should be to understand your audience and tailor the content accordingly.

If you want people to visit your e-commerce website and buy things, your videos should convey the right information that can make them do that.

Make sure that your audience is hooked on your brand through your videos and content.

4. Create How-to Videos

Producing how-to videos can get great importance and can generate views easily.

This kind of videos add value to your brand and also makes it easy for people to understand your products and how to use them effectively.

Research even shows that people prefer watching how-to videos more.


The market of YouTube is growing consistently and an e-commerce brand shouldn’t miss the chance of using this platform for generating sales and revenue. It can be a great opportunity and one must not miss it.

The video is the future of content creation and as mentioned before people prefer watching informative videos and can perceive it better than text and images.

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