How to use a LinkedIn group for Business? With tips!

If you have a reach of an audience of 340 million people, would you miss the chance to market them? Obviously, you wouldn’t. This is where LinkedIn’s role starts.

LinkedIn is one of the most popular networking sites for professional; it is used for exchanging ideas, work openings, thoughts, etc.

It has progressively turned into a leading tool for helping people to grow their network as well to find jobs in their field.

To expand LinkedIn effectiveness, one useful procedure for enterprises is to use LinkedIn Groups, which associate with brands, with their audience and can generate leads for your brand as well.

A LinkedIn group is same as a Facebook group, we sent the request to get add in a group, it allows you to join up to 50 groups at the time. You can also refer Facebook Vs LinkedIn for B2B Marketing.

Before you start using group, ensure your business profile page is updated and it should look professional, for the good first impression while interacting with other business or professionals. the top Social Media Marketing Company in Mumbai provides the excellent services to achieve the social presence for business.

If you are willing to start a LinkedIn group or want to join the current group, these tips can help you.

So, how to get it started?

Opt for Active Group

Look for that group who is interested in your products, at least 10 group that are related to your products and services, that is additionally active, join them.

For instance,

Your company supplies dog food. So you should start searching keywords like Dog Lover, Dog Food, Animal Lovers, etc.

You may also try locally based group if your organization depend on customers in your area. For instance, ‘’Animal Lovers in Mumbai’’ would be a great place to start with. (pic)

Now you’ve joined some suitable group, you have to end up an esteemed participating member. Just joining these group isn’t enough. Share your opinions, thoughts, comment on group’s post etc. Stay active. Go for posting at least once a week.

Once people know about you, utilize your impact further to your advantage. Always inform your group about your products, about a sale going on. (Also remember to give a link to your new post or product page)

But make sure to not do this often, or to be excessively spammed, it may just irritate people and you may lose potential clients and you may end up destroying your own hard work.

Some Tips!

• Be entertaining. Create something that is funny, catchy, and attractive to the audience. So that you people will get more interest and will want to visit your site.

• Make sure the tagline or content you write should be of good grammar. Proper use of grammar will make your post professional and genuine. No one will like to read a post which is of bad grammar.

Create your own group.

Any LinkedIn user can create a group. However, it is essential to establish a strong framework to ensure the group’s success.

Making your own particular group is valuable; because you can easily look after the success, you should create a group who is properly aimed at a niche of your brand, and also can connect with the members who all are interested in your products and service.

Know your Audience!
For a brand, understanding their audience can be critical, like what they want, what they value for. Customers have many needs when it comes to where they want to network and gain valuable resources. We must provide access to the information, and gaining audience’s trust.

Here are some tips for creating a group in a right way!

• Use around 50 characters for the title of your group and try to keep creative.

• Use keywords in your title to identify its category so the audience can be found in organic search. If you want to gain lots of attention from Search Engine simply go to

• While writing the description for your group, ensure first 140 characters are elegantly written and detailed properly about the group. These words will appear in search engines.

To be true, with joining the group, the thing applies here too. I.e. just creating a group is not enough.

You must be Active in this group!

If you have created or joined group, your active participation will significantly create brand awareness and extend your targeted audience. While interacting with your group members, you additionally make business partners as well friends which will work as a referral for your organization.

Basically, these members will progress towards becoming promoters of your brand with minimum efforts on your end.

If you are not able to manage the group, you should have somebody responsible for engagement and monitoring. This individual will be presenting your brand.

Tip: Don’t just join the group which is useful for your brand. Join some groups that you personally like. There may be chances that you can get the lead over there too!

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